Remodeling and Home Design


With a landscape design by RED SUN you can feel assured that you’ll be getting a design (road map to your landscape) that will save you time and money without having a negative effect on the environment. A professional design by RED SUN utilizes proper plant selection and placement which will significantly conserve water and save you time. Moreover, you will not be spending your money on harsh chemicals and replacement plants as your landscape won’t need them!

Establish the Ecological Balance

By using xeriscape, native plants and plants that are well adapted to Central Texas, RED SUN let’s you to move away from harsh fertilizers and chemicals. This creates a healthier environment for both your family and pets. Your ecologically balanced landscape will be low maintenance providing a higher return on investment!

Boost the Value of your Property

Surveys done by Money magazine show that a professionally designed landscape will raise your property value as much as 30% with a recovery value of at least 100% and up to 200%.